Shores of Persia - Side Plate
Shores of Persia - Side Plate
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Shores of Persia - Side Plate

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The Shores of Persia collection celebrates the confluence of two distinct cultures – Persian and Indian. A confluence that came to be known as Mughal.

Shores of Persia is a soiree collection encrusted in 24-carat gold and hand-crafted in decadent shades of zaffre blue and turquoise. Etched on its canvas of fine porcelain is the grandeur of an epoch through floral motifs and gold-laced vines. 

This collection is a tribute to Persia - a name that evokes the ethos of a culture that carved its own path of art, calligraphy and poetry. 

The contemporary take on heritage design is beautiful for display, special occasions or for gifting. Every piece is a work of art in itself and represents a refined balance of tradition and modernity. A legacy to pass on to future generations, a memory to be cherished forever. 


  • Designed in India and made using the very latest in Japanese technology 
  • Material: Fine porcelain with 24k gold
  • Extremely high resistance to chipping and scratching
  • Smooth and flawless glaze and refined translucency
  • Every individual piece has been handcrafted creating a harmony of elegance, artistry and impeccable quality
  • Side plate 8.5"
Due to use of Gold and Platinum in the tableware, none of the pieces are microwave or dishwasher safe. Although each piece is scratch and water resistant, gold decors are not totally scratch resistant by virtue of their natural material properties. 


Heavy and ornate surface decorations should be hand washed carefully by using a soft sponge and a mild liquid detergent. Be careful not to use forks or metal tools to scrape food from your dinnerware; these can scratch plates. Use a soft, dry dish cloth to wipe your tableware completely dry. This prevents water spots. Avoid abrasive pads or steel wool to clean.


The 'foot' of plates, dishes, bowls are rough because this portion is not glazed. Therefore when storing the tableware, place dish protectors or tissue between each dish to keep the pieces from scratching or scuffing each other. In general, proper and consistent maintenance is essential to prolong its durability, lusture and elegance.


Ships in 1 to 3 business days.