Peranakan Title Placemats

Peranakan Title Placemats

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The Peranakan tile placemats Set of 2 are a stunning addition to any dining table! These placemats feature intricate hand-drawn and watercoloured designs that are sure to impress your guests. What's more, they are dual-sided, giving you even more options to mix and match with your table setting. 

But what exactly is Peranakan? Peranakan refers to the descendants of Chinese immigrants who settled in Southeast Asia and adopted the local customs and culture. The Peranakan style is known for its vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and rich history.

With the Peranakan tile placemats, you can bring a piece of this unique culture into your home. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also practical - protecting your table from spills and scratches.

So why settle for boring placemats when you can have a piece of art on your table? Get your hands on the Peranakan tile placemats today and elevate your dining experience to the next level!

  • Made in Thailand with High quality textile printing with international printing technology certification (OEKO-TEX standard 100)
  • Material: Canvas KE (Heavy Polyester) 225 gsm
  • Machine Wash / Warm Iron /  Do not Bleach or Dry Clean 
  • Length 44 cm x Width 33.5 cm 
  • Canvas KE (Heavy Polyester) 225 gsm
  • Set of 2