Chinese Floral Tea Towel

Chinese Floral Tea Towel

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Enrich your living space with the timeless beauty of traditional Chinese artistry through our Chinese Floral Tea Towel. This exquisite piece showcases a captivating light teal backdrop embellished with a hand-drawn floral motif in shades of red, pink, and green. Adding an extra layer of authenticity and charm, a beautifully detailed blue Yixing teapot graces the bottom of the tea towel.

A perfect gift for enthusiasts of traditional Chinese design and art, our Chinese Floral Tea Towel promises to captivate with its unique and visually arresting style. Elevate your kitchen decor with its unparalleled elegance and sophistication, ensuring a statement piece that draws admiration from all who behold it.

Why settle for mundane tea towels when you can infuse your home with the authentic beauty of Chinese tradition? Embrace the exquisite allure of our Chinese Floral Tea Towel and transform your living space into a sanctuary of timeless elegance and grace.


Size: 43 x 73 cm


  • Comb Twill Peach 100% cotton 180 gsm.
  • High quality textile printing from Thailand with international printing technology certification (OEKO-TEX standard 100)


Cotton twill tea towels are decorative and super absorbent. ‘Twill’ refers to the type of weaving pattern used when constructing the fabric. Which in this case is a series of diagonal and parallel ribs. This pattern gives the fabric a durable and attractive quality. So combined with cotton which is super absorbent, makes these tea towels a natural choice for any commercial kitchen.

  • Super Absorbent
  • Heavy Duty
  • Machine Washable

Care Instructions

  • Do not dry clean or bleach
  • Machine washable on 40 degrees with similar colours. 
  • Iron on the reverse only with a warm iron
  • Do not tumble dry or only on low heat